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Converting Indian HTC M8 to Google Play Edition M8

Hi folks, You all know about HTC M8, 2014 Flagship from Taiwanese. This is a true metal body phone that feels as good to use as it is to hold and flaunt it. I received mine a week ago with Android 5.0 installed. The phone boasts of Ultrapixel camera that works wonders in low light photography. I like the way HTC sense works but then again i am developer myself and cant wait to put my hands on latest version of Android. This made me write this tutorial for all who wish to convert their international HTC One M8 unlocked version to Google Play Edition.

Benefits of GPE Version –

  • Super smooth, Sense UI is good too but cant match vanilla Android experience.
  • Battery Optimization.
  • First in the line to receive Android OS updates for at least next 2 years.
  • Since the updates come directly from Google, you get it straight.
  • First ones to receive all security patches and updates.
  • Zero bloatware.


First things first – Make sure you meet all these requirements

  • Phone should have an unlocked boot loader. Follow this to unloack yours – http://www.htcdev.com/bootloader
  • Phone should be S-Off. Follow this http://htc-one.wonderhowto.com/how-to/get-s-off-your-htc-one-m8-install-custom-firmware-mods-0154461/
  • Phone should be rooted.

Once you meet all these requirements, Lets get started. Be ware this procedure will change your phones MID (Model ID) and CID (Carrier ID). Since we are using international version we all will have a CID of 11111111. Please make a note of you MID and CID in case you want to revert to sense from GPE .

Download all these to a folder on your computer.

  • ADB and other executables. Download
  • HTC usb drivers. Download
  • Your choice of latest ROM, you can install pure 4.4 or 5.0 or 5.1 or 6.0. Get it from http://graffixnyc.com/m8.php

Step by Step instructions – 

  1. Enable USB debugging. Enable developer mode on your phone. Hit settings–>about–> Tap on build no several times until developer mode is unlocked. Once unlocked, go to developer mode and enable USB debugging.
  2. Uninstall HTC sync if installed on the PC then install HTC usb drivers.
  3. Extract the contents of ADB to a folder on your PC, i am assuming you do it on a folder called c:/adb
  4. Open the folder, hold the shift key and then right click. Next click “open command window here
  5. With the command prompt open, start inserting these commands. For your convenience i am typing all commands inBOLD
  6. adb shell <enter>
  7. You will see a $ symbol
  8. SU <enter>
  9. Grant the root access on your phone screen.
  10. The $ symbol will change to # if super user access was granted.
  11. adb reboot-bootloader <enter>  (Step 11 to 14 are optional and only required if you want to make a note of your MID, others jump to step 17)
  12. Phone will now reboot to boot loader screen.
  13. fastboot gervar all <enter>
  14. This will display all the information about your phone. Now is the time to note down your phones MID, IMEI and other important numbers.
  15. You can skip from step 11 to 14 if you already know your phones MID and IMEI
  16. Continued from step 10
  17. echo -ne ‘\x30\x00\x50\x00\x36\x00\x42\x00\x31\x00\x37\x00\x30\x00\x30\x00\x30’ | dd of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p5 bs=1 seek=16384 <enter>
  18. This will convert your MID to match with google play edition
  19. exit <enter>
  20. adb reboot-bootloader <enter> ( This will reboot the phone in boot loader mode )
  21. fastboot gervar all <enter>
  22. Check your Model ID it should have changed to  0P6B17000
  23. Now lets change the CID of your phone.
  24. fastboot oem writecid GOOGL001<enter> ( This will change the carrier to Google.)
  25. fastboot oem rebootRUU <enter> (This will reboot the phone to RUU, its a black screen with silver color HTC written)
  26. fastboot flash zip c:\myandroidrom.zip <enter> ( I m assuming the name of rom as myandroidrom and location to be on C drive of your PC, you can type the location of your ROM here or simply drag the zip file to command prompt screen.)
  27. After a while it will say Failed please flush image again ! Do not panic this is normal and happens all the time. Simply retype the command or keep pressing the right arrow key to repeat the command.
  28. Wait untill the flashing procedure is complete.
  29. fastboot reboot <enter> This will reboot the phone. Initial boot can take up to 15-30mins please do not panic.
  30. Congratulations you are now on Vanilla Android with direct updates coming from Google.


Troubleshooting Issues

  • If your phone seems to stuck on boot animation for more than 30 minutes, please hold Vol up and Vol down button, keep hold of power button to switch off your phone. Soon as the phone is off keep holding the Vol Down and power button. This will take you to recovery mode.
  • Clean Cache or Factory reset the phone in recovery
  • Reboot
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes until you are welcomed by initial setup screen.


General Disclaimer 

StudiosCue or none of its members are responsible for any damage that might occur to your phone while flashing custom ROMs, this tutorial is only meant for educational purpose. Flashing a custom ROM or converting your phone to GPE will terminate its warranty.

webadminConverting Indian HTC M8 to Google Play Edition M8
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  • Mohit Agarwal - January 18, 2017 reply

    This is a awesome. Gr8 tutorial for noobs.

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