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22 tips for beginner SEO

Basics of Search Engine Optimization for beginners

Few Definitions that we need to know before proceeding-

  • 1. Keyword– These are small phrases or words that you expect the end user to enter in a search engine so he will see your website in the results.
  • 2. Headers – These are HTML tags that will contain your most important keywords.
  • 3. G-zip – A webpage compression technology that reduces the time it takes for your website to load.
  • 4. Sitemap– A XHTML document that tells the search engines about the structure of your website.
  • 5. Robots– A small .txt File usually located on the server that will prevent the search engines to skip certain confidential pages on your site. As it is said a building will lasts forever only if it has a nice foundation.
  • Same goes for a website so let’s start from the basics, these are the key points we need to check when we start designing our first search engine friendly web page –
  • 6. Domain name – Try to get a domain name that has at least one of your most important keyword.
  • 7. Title – Very important and one of the major ranking factors. Try to include some of your major keywords I the title itself. Just make sure it makes some sense.
  • 8. Description – A 160 character descriptions is all you need to highlight the motive of your website in search results. Keep it brief and try to explain your website in these 160 characters.
  • 9. Avoid using Flash and lot of java scripts – Flash and Java scripts will undoubtedly make your website good looking but on the downside it also slows it down and influences your search results. Search engines cannot see information inside a flash movie so it’s better to avoid it.
  • 10. Say no to Tables – With the evolution of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) there is no need to use tables anymore. Search Engine crawlers cannot crawl tables and hence that piece of information is never indexed.
  • 11. Alternate Text for images – try to use alt text for all the images on your website. You can select a picture that matches the contents of the page and use some of your best keywords as alt texts.
  • 12. Avoid too many links from a single page – Ideally each and every page of your website should be reachable in not more than 3 clicks.
  • 13. Footer link to the top of the page – This is important so as to make navigation of your website easier for end user, especially if you have a long page.
  • 14. Navigation – make the navigation of your website as easy as possible. User should be able to reach any page within 3 clicks. Try including links to important pages at the footer of your website. Well that covers the on page SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Now once your site is ready and uploaded, try some of these and watch your website grow and get popular in few weeks.
  • 15. Make a Facebook page – It’s the best way to bring your website to peoples notice. Let your friends like your page and help you get started.
  • 16. Blogging – Make a blog for your website and stat posting related news and articles. People who visit your site will surely visit your website as well.
  • 17. YouTube – Get yourself a YouTube channel and start uploading movies to it.
  • 18. Google Analytics – register your site with Google analytics and check the performance of your site every day.
  • 19. Get your site indexed in Google – Submit a site map to Google webmaster tools.

That was all for the beginners level. I did the same and my site has reached a Google page rank of 2 within 3 months of it launch. Few things you might want to do after these are

  • 20. Link Exchange – exchange links with similar sites
  • 21. Avoid Spam and other illegal tricks to promote your site.
  • 22. Be original that’s what Google likes and will definitely get you to top of the hill.

All the best!!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7299196

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